[Windows10] How to remove default apps by PowerShell

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I was purchased “Windows 10 Pro” Installed PC, for work.
It contains lot of interesting default apps, but this PC is for business use.
So I want to remove these because it is waste in both menu items and disk space.

Some of the apps I was able to delete in the [right-click → “Uninstall”] from the menu, but, such as “xbox” does not have the item.
These items can be deleted by using the PowerShell.

(Add 2016/08/15)
The contents of this article could be used even after the Anniversary Update.
(Add 2016/11/04)
When you do a Windows update may be revived item.
It is somewhat cumbersome, but each time, you will need to remove them by running command.

Launch PowerShell

  1. Left click [Start] SnapCrab_2016-08-04_11-15-04_No-0000
  2. Type “powershell
  3. Execute PowerShell by Administrator
    (right click “PowerShell” icon and select menu on “Run as Administrator”)
  4. Open PowerShell window

Remove choose the unnecessary

Perform a “Get-AppxPackage …” corresponding to each app to copy and paste (and press Enter key)

[Easy way to copy]
By clicking the copy button of each frame, you can select the command at once. Then copy it with Ctrl+C. Paste with Ctrl+V.

3D Builder


Mail and Calendar

Money, Sports, News and Weather

Groove Music and Film & TV


Phone Companion


Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Voice Recorder



Alerm & Clock (Add 2016/08/4)

Messaging (Add 2016/08/15)

Sticky Notes (Add 2016/08/23)

Feedback Hub (Add 2016/09/19)

Introduction (Add 2016/09/19)

Skype (Add 2016/09/19)


Twitter (Add 2016/11/14)

LINE (Add 2016/11/14)

Facebook (Add 2016/11/14)


Remove collectively

These guys are all unnecessary, it is easy when you copy and paste the following code if called.

This side might what is good.

Supplementary information

“XBox” is out error but disappears from the menu

Xbox will see this as an error message, but it disappeared from the menu.

“Cortana” can not be deleted

I personally Cortana also unnecessary, but could not be removed in this way.

“Contact Support” can not be deleted

thank you!